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The OSS Files Series
The Del Coronado.png

Book One

Following the sounds of Big Band music in the basement hallways of the Del Coronado hotel, Carly opens the door to the Tail Hook Bar and Grill...and finds herself in 1943.  She meets pilot Bill Kemp, who is sent on a mission by the OSS to ferret out a traitor on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.  Carly is swept up into the intrigue of World War II life, and isn’t sure how to get back to her time, or even if she wants to. This is a sequel to The Widows’ Travel Club and follows Tina’s daughter Carly, who disappeared in 2015.

Operation Edelweiss.png
Book Two

Book Two of the OSS Files series continues with the story of Commander Bill Kemp, a Navy pilot, and his new wife, Carly.   In Operation Edelweiss, he and Carly are sent to Switzerland, finding themselves transporting German top secret documents, rescuing Jews from occupied Paris, and extracting missile plans from a high ranking Nazi.

The Body in the Church Pew.jpg
Book Three

The war is over.  But murder and intrigue are not.


Bill is once again sent by the former OSS, now the Central Intelligence Group, to Nuremberg, Germany in 1946.  His assignment: locate a missing agent and infiltrate the prison that houses the Nazi defendants to ferret out a possible escape plan.  Carly is attending the trial as a reporter from The New York Times.  But their original assignments are upended by the startling news of the lives of a family of German Jews in the 1930s and how it affected future generations.  

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