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I'm now a retired grandmother of seven, and as an only child, was an avid reader. At a tender age I printed a neighborhood newspaper on a home-made mimeograph, and had a 'lending library' complete with cards stamped with the date the book was checked out. My hero was Hopalong Cassidy, and I wrote an impassioned letter to him volunteering to be on his show. (My mother fortunately saved it rather than mailing it!) As a freshman in high school, I had to prepare an autobiography, which understandably was a bit brief at that age. My senior year I was the editor of the school newspaper, but any 'serious' writing was put on the back burner when I married at the age of 19 and had two wonderful children shortly thereafter. 

Unfortunately, our lives were a product of the '60's, ('finding ourselves'), and my husband and I divorced after 7 years of marriage. After wandering in our personal deserts for 17 years, God brought us back together, and we remarried in 1988. Sadly, I lost him in 2018. But Heaven gained him!

I have finally returned to my early love - writing. I enjoy plots with unexpected twists, mixing genres and taking the reader on a journey, but always with a Christian worldview.  Always fascinated with time travel, I'm looking forward to Heaven when I will be able to insert the DVD and scan to any time in history and see it 'live.'

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