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The Lost Epistle
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Qumran, Israel, February, 2017:  An international team of archaeologists find a cave that previously contained Dead Sea Scrolls, the first such discovery in 60 years.  Dubbing it Cave 12, they declared it had been looted, and no scrolls were found.  But that’s not what Dr. Rebecca Castillo and her team from the Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem are told.  There was a scroll fragment found, but rather than being from the Torah or the Prophets, it referred to the Apostle Paul – and his trip to Spain.  But Paul didn’t go to Spain…or did he?  Dr. Ben Davidson from Stanford is sent to coordinate the research efforts.  Follow Rebecca’s team as they try to not only prove the validity of the scroll fragment, but confront their own beliefs about science vs faith...and whether Jesus was their Messiah.

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