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Planning Day

As expected, today dawned blustery and chilly, with intermittent rain. So I decided it would be a planning day. I have four more days here in Sydney before taking the train south to the town of Thirroul where my friends are staying. The sun is predicted to put in an appearance tomorrow, so I’m going to start with a 10:30 tour of the Sydney opera house, then a light lunch followed by a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens. In the afternoon I’ll take the harbor tour, which is just under 2 hours. Next I will work out details of a day trip into the Blue Mountains. Part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, it has numerous hiking trails along cliff edges and the bottom of canyons, through open scrub plains and dense valley rainforests. I’ll definitely make sure my phone is charged up that day!

Here are some more photos and videos I had trouble with in yesterday’s post:

Still can’t add a video. Hmmm.

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