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My Takeaway

It turned out this trip really wasn’t about researching locations for my next book. It was really about the Lord reminding me that I am His daughter, and His responding to my recent emotional lows and wonderings about what purpose I still have at this stage in my life. I may no longer be part of a couple, but nevertheless, I am never alone. And He will continue to reveal my purpose in this life, for His glory, until He takes me home.

PS: The flight home went smoothly, with the added bonus of being assigned a bulkhead window seat in Premium Economy. My son Mike picked me up, and we headed north to Camp Verde. where I was greeted happily by my cat, Tigger. I dashed to the grocery store to get the basics, and managed to stay up until 7:00, which was 3:00 a.m. London time. The only problem was I apparently brought back an unwanted souvenir: Covid. Probably shared by the man to my left in the middle section on the plane who coughed the entire way to Phoenix. I felt it coming on Saturday afternoon, and the fever started rising. But then I realized how blessed I was. I could have gotten it on the flight TO England, which obviously would have destroyed my entire trip! Thank you, Lord!

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2022

Well put Jane. 👏 Sounds like Jesus wanted time alone with you. Welcome home.

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