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London, Day One

Amy and I took the train into London Sunday morning, arriving at Paddington Station around noon. We were booked at the Hotel Edward, which is less than two blocks from the train station.

We had bought all of our tickets for the London activities the day before online, and I was sent QR codes by email. Our techie efficiency ran afoul however, when I was unable to access the email attachments without the Internet. Thankfully, all train stations and the trains themselves have free WiFi, so we were finally successful. We were able to check into our room early, and soon were back at Paddington for the trip to Windsor Castle. It is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, in almost continuous use since it was built by William I following the Norman Conquest in 1066. Both of us were surprised at its size. Not just a single castle sitting on a hill, it's actually a huge compound of buildings and gardens. The main photo below was taken from the official souvenir guide. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside the castle, so I plead the 5th on where the interior photos shown below came from.

The bottom two photos show the results of a fire that broke out in Queen Victoria's private chapel in 1992 that destroyed the ceilings of St George's Hall and the Grand Reception Room, gutting the chapel, State Dining Room, the Crimson Dining Room and over a hundred other rooms. The massive restoration project took five years to complete.

Sunday evening we had dinner at a small restaurant I had discovered last year, It's Greek to Me, and enjoyed gyros salads.

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