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Exploring the Cotswolds

Sunday was a busy day, once again touring the villages of the Cotswolds in Simon and Joanne's 1962 Jaguar. The country lanes traversed the lush rolling hills, revealing bursts of color not present during my last trip in March. After lunch in Burford, we drove through Bourton on the Water, where I was last October, only this time it was wall-to-wall tourists. We kept going. We stopped in a tiny village I had read about that Simon and Joanne had never seen, Minster Lovell, with a row of beautiful homes, many with thatched roofs.

We stopped back home to change, and then drove to Oxford to join several of their friends at a wine bar that was having a special evening of live jazz. Then it was on to Bampton, where Amy and I were treating our hosts to dinner at a French restaurant, Fleur de Lys.

We all had Beef Bourguignon, the meat so tender it cut with the fork.

Today Joanne is off to a book club, and Simon had an errand in Oxford, so I encouraged Amy to go along. I had been there in October, and didn't want her to miss the university town. Simon dropped her off, and she texted me that she is on a bus tour of the city with the Bodleian Library tour scheduled for 3:00. I'll let her post a blog about her day.

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