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England Through Amy's Eyes


It has my heart already.

A wonderful few days have been experienced—and more yet to come.

Since this was my very first trip to Europe, I knew the daily discoveries would inspire and enliven—and it has truly been more than I anticipated.

Soul filling in fact.

Encountering the English countryside with its rolling hills, lush foliage and wonderful people that truly compliment the scenery. Dinner at the local pub in the evening or stopping for cream tea and cake on a day excursion through yet another quaint village town.

Never have I experienced architecture of this era—of centuries long passed. Limestone and brick weaved throughout most of the structures. Stories imagined of people who once inhabited them. It is stunning and yet peacefully anchoring all at once.

Highlights of my trip so far:

  • Roadsigns were an instant (yet odd) fascination for me.

  • Although (of course) I opted for a local coffee shop, happening across a Starbucks in a stone building deserved a photo.

  • A solo day of exploring in Oxford. The Bodleian Library where Harry Potter was filmed. The Ashmolean Museum.

  • The 2nd chauffeured Jaguar ride by our host family to rescue me after I got off at the wrong bus stop returning home from Oxford. Quite the adventure. (Should have trusted my instinct rather than listening to the bus driver.)

  • Soaking up the culture and discovering I could listen to British accents all day long.

England. You are lovely.

Thank you for having me.

Can’t wait for many more days of exploring your beauty and charm.

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