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Dogs Can Talk!

As I was finishing the previous post, Peggy sat in front of me and barked. Just a single bark, but with that soulful look in her eyes. I told her to wait, thinking she thought it was dinner time. But she kept it up, so I got up to feed her. I went back to typing away, and she came and sat in front of me again...with 'the bark.' She didn't want to go in the back yard, I'd tried that. I looked out the window. Just after 5:00, a bit cloudy, but..."you want to take a walk?" I asked, somewhat incredulous. She walked toward the laundry room where her leash was hanging by the back door. "Okay," I said, "why not." I donned my new hiking boots (it's muddy here, after all), took down her leash and opened the door. She trotted out, towards the fence door. I opened it, and held my breath. She walked out and looked back at me. Seriously? I closed the gate and walked purposefully toward the path, not looking back. Partway down the path, I looked, and she was following me!

I continued onto the path around the farmer's field, and she not only kept up with me, but moved ahead to lead. Being a dog, she did stop to sniff now and then, and being a photographer, I stopped to snap a photo or three. I also praised God for his beautiful creation and allowing me to be here!

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