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My visit last fall to the Cotswolds has born fruit! I had one little inspiration for a new book, and if you've followed my blog, you know I wanted to set it in England...specifically, the Cotswolds. But, since I'm a stickler for research and accuracy (okay, I admit I'm a perfectionist) I realized I had to actually visit the area, or I couldn't do it justice as a setting for this novel.

And what an experience I had. You've seen just a glimpse of it in this blog, but I definitely need to return. Anyway, this book started with the idea of a genealogist researching her own family tree, and traveling to a village in the Cotswolds. She is sitting on a bench in a village (Lower Slaughter) where she knows her 4th great-grandfather was baptized. but she hadn't been able to discover any more than that. Out of the Ivy Close (a close is a narrow alley between buildings) she sees a young woman chasing a puppy. Nothing unusual there...except the woman is dressed in 18th century clothing. Trisha (my protagonist) sees her insert a note into the stone wall, and the adventure begins.

Not exactly a Time Travel novel, it rather focuses on what God has used many times over the centuries: a vision. For Trisha, it wasn't just to reveal information about her heritage, but to show her what forgiveness looks like. Forgiveness isn't something we's something we choose.

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