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Change in Plans

I had another house sit confirmed in England for May, following my granddaughter Erica's wedding on May 4th. It was in Devon, on the south coast, an area where I've never been. It's also very close to Cornwall, and as a fan of Poldark, I knew I had to go there! So I had booked a few days in Penzance prior to the house sitting assignment.

But then I read about a significant measles outbreak in England. Problem: I never had measles as a child, or the vaccine, either. It came out when I was in college. Concerned, I went to my doctor, and he ordered a measles titer test. Nope. Nary an antibody. He didn't recommend getting the vaccine at my age (complications I didn't want to have), so I reluctantly cancelled my trip.

I was bummed. I wanted to go...somewhere! But where? I have been so blessed. I have seen most of Europe, Central and South America, so where? Where hadn't I been that I'd really like to explore?


If you've been following me for a while, you know that on my first trip to England in the fall of 2022, I met a couple at the B&B in Oxford; Rosie and Victor. They were from Australia, and traveled the world 24/7/365, house sitting. Yes! As soon as I returned home, I signed up on the website, and soon had a house sitting assignment (which turned into a second one, with my daughter Amy with the same family) in Aston-Bampton in 2023.

Unfortunately, there were no house sitting assignments in Australia that coincided with my available timeframe, so I decided to just do the trip anyway.

I messaged Rosie, told her my change in plans, and asked for suggestions. Turns out, they are in Australia at the moment, and in the middle of May will be watching the home of friends of theirs, just south of Sydney. She invited me to stay with them!!

So, here I go again! Stay tuned!

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