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A Day in Aston

Our hosts, Simon and Joanne, drove off Tuesday morning in the 1962 Jaguar for their 4 day getaway. Amy and I decided to spend the day exploring the village of Aston, so after taking a short walk with Peggy, we headed into the village. Our goal was Aston Pottery, which I had visited during my March stay, but I hadn't experienced the tearoom with its signature gotta-have-the-quiche. We shared two varieties of the 3 inch tall quiches: Quiche Lorraine, Caramelized Red Onion and Sweet Potato, and a salad. After lunch we walked through the shop viewing their beautiful pottery, then strolled through their amazing gardens.

We walked back along streets with beautiful homes and cottages, many with thatched roofs. The classic Cotswold stone roof is hung on wooden pegs that are fastened from underneath.

We stopped at the Market Square, which, like every village, has a monument dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War. The names are listed on the pedestal, along with the inscription "True love by life, true life by death, is tried. Live thou for England, we for England died."

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