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Green Ice
Green Ice cover.jpg

     When it happened the third night in a row, she knew it couldn’t be a dream. 

     As Andrea awoke at 3:00 A.M. in a cold sweat with her heart pounding, she remembered the images that had been thrust into her sleep: her twin sister, Alicia, sitting at a rough wooden table in some sort of stone room, calling her name.  Like most identical twins, they had been extremely close while growing up, sharing similar likes and dislikes, and taking for granted that unique kind of communication they had. 

     But how did she explain what was happening now?  Because Alicia, along with their father,  had been dead for over five months, killed in an explosion and fire in the chemistry lab at the National University in Medellin.

     Follow Andrea as she gets swept into the intrigue of Colombia’s emerald barons and Pre-Columbian art.

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